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A little piece of me :)

4 February
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What's up guys? I'm Yemil :) I'm from D-rock, but i reside in the wonderful city of Tuscaloosa...only because i attend the home of 12 football national championships...thats right...The university of alabama :) hehe. i like to watch football and sing and party it up :) i like to have fun a whole lot too. hehe. and i like boys. hehe. hmm. i like Hanson. :) and john mayer is awesome also! so are DMB. i love going to concerts :) yes i do. i do NOT like doing homework...but i do it anyways. hmmm i love God. and i love Ben and Jerry's ice cream. and i love all of my friends who are spread across the nation. anywho. i hope you all enjoy reading about my life :) have a good'en! and ROLL TIDE!